Build a content department steeped in strategy, with clear goals and objectives.

Don’t let your content team be relegated to just receiving requests from other departments. With a content-first strategy, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently scale so you can reach the right audience at the right time.

Meet Pamela

Fractional Head of Content, Industry Veteran, and Business Visionary

Hi, I’m Pamela Muldoon! After spending the first part of my career in radio, I made the shift to content marketing and never looked back. I’ve been on the cutting edge of the content industry ever since, getting in early on podcasting, content marketing, and AI.

Now, I’m working with brands to create meaningful strategies that put content at the helm.

how i can help

Fractional CCO

I’ll help you create scalable processes, hire as needed, and mentor members of your team.

Content Consulting

You’ll receive actionable suggestions, insights, and improvements that will level up your efforts.

Speaking & Training

My public speaking engagements will inspire and motivate your content marketing team.

Pam is incredibly generous with her knowledge and time and works as a true mentor. She’s passionate about her work and it’s infectious. With her guidance, we were able to retool our Marketing Content team and build in a more strategic arm to our department. We were able to rethink how we develop content, from inception to market.

Morgan Coleman, Sr. Manager, Content Marketing Strategy

Pamela approaches every challenge with the end goal in mind. Under her guidance, we reinvented our content marketing team. Pamela helped our team identify key areas for improvement, gaps in content strategy, opportunities for operational efficiency, and a new team structure to support our goals.

Anne Rubin, Sr. Manager, Content Operations

Before working with Pam, I never appreciated the possibilities of content strategy. She has a strategic mindset that can only come from many years of experience. Every time Pam speaks about content marketing and strategy, you know you’re getting a backstage pass to something special. Her expertise radiates from her as she speaks and you just know you’re learning from one of the best in the game. It’s a privilege to witness.

Bekah Hutsenpillar, Marketing Coordinator, Content Team

Streamlined Operations for Better Content Strategy

Build a streamlined department that creates content your ideal customer actually wants to consume. With my 15+ years of industry experience, I’ll help transform your efforts to see real results.