What is a Fractional Head of Content?

Sometimes you need a leader to come in and get your team on track. Hiring a full time role may not be in your current budget. Retaining a Fractional Head of Content could be the smartest move as you get your content team more organized with their strategy and operations.

As a Fractional Head of Content I provide services on retainer help lead the marketing and content team to get things on track. Some of the areas I can assist with:

  • Develop a content strategy where one may not currently exist
  • Organize the marketing and content team to be more efficient & deduct gaps in human resource needs
  • Mentor and train markeing/content team members
  • Help integrate AI into workflows for efficiency, while also focusing on governance
  • Assess technology needs for marketing and content that can drive the ability to get more done with less

Let’s talk to find out your top challenges and how a Fractional leader can help you achieve your goals.

Streamlined Operations for Better Content Strategy

Build a streamlined department that creates content your ideal customer actually wants to consume. With my 15+ years of industry experience, I’ll help transform your efforts to see real results.