Meet Pamela

Former radio DJ turned copywriter, Pamela has been at the forefront of marketing for more than three decades. A big layoff in 2006 allowed her to go all in on digital, back when Facebook Business Pages didn’t exist and creating a virtual podcast was a struggle. As content marketing began to take hold, Pamela was right there at the beginning. She launched Content Marketing 360 podcast in 2011 and was soon a go-to resource for content strategy.

15 years later Pamela has utilized her skills within organizations as a content leader and consultant, as well as within agencies working with dozens of brands across the globe. She now specializes in developing and leading content teams(and leaders!), creating a usable content strategy that lines up to business objectives, and assisting organizations in developing stronger governance and taxonomy with operational process and workflows.

Streamlined Operations for Better Content Strategy

Build a streamlined department that creates content your ideal customer actually wants to consume. With my 15+ years of industry experience, I’ll help transform your efforts to see real results.